Many people realize they have some sort of critter in their home when they start hearing scratching noises in the walls or attic. If you are hearing these noises in the daytime, you most likely have squirrels.

Squirrels have very strong teeth and jaws which they can sometimes use to gnaw holes through wood, siding, and other building materials. In fact, a squirrel’s teeth never stop growing so they are constantly gnawing on things in order to keep them filed down. If they end up inside your home, you can only image the amount of damage they could quickly cause. They are believed to be responsible for thousands of house fires every year due to the gnawing of electrical wires. Various health risks can also arise from the urine, droppings, shed fur, and parasites that squirrels bring into a home.

So basically, if squirrels get in your homes…CALL GEORGIA PAWS!  We are experts in humanely removing the squirrels, sealing your home up so they cannot return (because they will return if the structure is not sealed) and, if necessary, cleaning up the insulation and/or replacing it. Check out our section on attic restoration for more info about attic cleaning.