Have you had critters  in your attic? Chances are they have severely contaminated your insulation with feces, hair, and their food. This can be very dangerous to live with as feces of many animals can cause diseases let alone the smell that can seep through your air ducts.  Never fear! Georgia P.A.W.S last step of getting rid of your nuisance wildlife is to clean-up and restore your attic!

When various animals such as bats, raccoons, roof rats, squirrels or flying squirrels get into your attic, they infect the insulation with urine, feces, shed fur, parasites and dead animals. Unless removed, these disease-causing pollutants will remain in your home’s insulation literally forever. These pollutants can also seep into your air ducts thus contaminating the air everyone in the home breathes. These unhealthy conditions can remain long after the animals are gone and could actually attract other animals!


Georgia P.A.W.S. wants your home to be safe; our complete attic restoration services can include:

  •    Cleanup and removal of nuisance wildlife contaminant
  •    Fogging with disinfectant/deodorizer
  •    Full or partial removal of infected insulation
  •    New “blown in” insulation replacement in the following options
    •      Fiber Glass
  •    Disposal of contaminated insulation


The photos below are of attics that have been infested with nuisance wildlife and the contamination those animals left in the insulation:

Rodent damage to insulation    rodent damage to insulation

                             Rodent Damage to Insulation

squirrel damage to insulation  squirrel damage to insulation  squirrel droppings in attic insulation

                                                       Squirrel damage to insulation


The photos below are of the cleanup process :

Attic Cleanup  Attic Cleanup

             Georgia P.A.W.S does a thorough job of removing all contaiminated insulation


  Insulation removal  Attic Cleanup

                 Attic rafters and attic wall after Georgia P.A.W.S does cleanup work.



   attic insulation after clean-up  attic insulation after clean-up

  Check out that fresh, new blown in insulation! The crew at Georgia P.A.W.S is awesome!