Wildlife Removal and Wildlife Control Augusta GA

wildlife removal augusta gaGeorgia PAWS provides wildlife removal in Augusta GA and surrounding areas. Our services include a variety of wildlife and utilize completely humane methods. Our team has years of experience under their belt and are equipped to handle any wildlife problem. Our staff receives extensive training and permits. Our clients and their homes come first. We have earned a reputation of being the best at wildlife removal. We handle wildlife of all sizes, including squirrels, raccoons, bats and rodents. Listed below are the services we provide.

Humane Wildlife Control in Augusta, GA

In addition to faithfully serving its human population, Augusta citizens are committed to green living. Animal species move, reproduce, and feel pain, and so they must be treated with care. This is perhaps no truer than when animals invade a home, business, or yard and need to be removed. Georgia Pest and Wildlife Services (P.A.W.S.) specializes in the safe and gentle removal of pests and wildlife back to their natural habitats, as well as full exclusion to protect you, your home, and your family. What begins as one or two animals in your yard can quickly turn into a full-scale problem – that one mouse in your attic can give birth to an entire nest. Most wildlife species carry viruses, bacteria, and parasites, and they pose varying degrees of danger to humans and domesticated animals. In fact, parasites and their diseases are often spread unknowingly through feces, urine, eggs, and shed fur.

If you have or suspect a wildlife issue, P.A.W.S. will help you determine which of our services is best for eradicating it. We use a variety of removal methods, including trapping, full exclusion, and cleanup, which includes traditional pest control with environmentally friendly cleaning agents. Our full exclusion work often involves construction and handyman services – the repair or total replacement of insulation, shingles, cables, or any other exteriors wildlife may have destroyed.

Other companies only get rid of the wildlife they see. With P.A.W.S., you will get a thorough inspection and cleanup, including removal of dead animals or animal waste that could compromise your health and attract new pests. We do not recommend trying to remove dead animals or the evidence they leave yourself, as this increases disease risk. Allow us to use our specialized equipment and methods, such as fogging with deodorizers.

For Martinez Residents

Martinez, Georgia, is a suburb of Augusta with about 36,000 people as of the 2010 census. Martinez is well known for its trees, including pine, oak, hickory, and sweet gum. A high tree population naturally leads to a high wildlife population, especially for birds, squirrels, and other tree-dwellers. Martinez residents are encouraged to check their properties often during spring and summer to be sure an invasive number of these creatures have not colonized. If they have, residents should contact P.A.W.S. about removal immediately. We will keep any trees on your property intact as food and shelter sources, but safely eradicate any surplus animals.

For Appling Residents

Appling is part of Columbia County, Georgia, but is considered an unincorporated community. Therefore, it can be difficult for Appling residents to find wildlife removal services willing to visit the area, although there are about 5,000 people living there. Fortunately, P.A.W.S. works with almost all of Georgia’s communities and will give Appling the same attention as larger urban and suburban areas. If you are an Appling resident with a wildlife problem, do not hesitate to contact us. We want to see Appling’s growth – human and animal – continue as it has since 2010. Yet we don’t want this growth to be at human expense, so ask about our services no matter what your wildlife questions are.

For Grovetown Residents

Grovetown, Georgia, boasts a unique combination of newcomers and residents who have lived in the small Augusta suburb for generations. No matter what the human history though, wildlife will always be part of Grovetown. Most residents like it this way – their municipal services and waste management help keep animal populations safe. Yet as with any city, wildlife must be controlled, especially in small towns known for their peace and safety from disease and destruction. Grovetown residents have used all our services, and we encourage you to continue calling on us for any wildlife solution you need. Our services will help keep your town safe, clean, and peaceful.

For Thomson Residents

Thomson has been a proud part of Georgia – the Augusta area in particular – since 1837. In fact, it is said Thomson’s Old Rock House once belonged to family members of former President Jimmy Carter. Thomson is also home to several well-known athletes, blues artists, and Broadway choreographer Ken Roberson. All our human residents enjoy our wildlife, but many of them have contacted P.A.W.S. over the years about safe removal. Fortunately, you don’t have to be an athlete or famous choreographer for P.A.W.S. to come to you. We offer Thomson all our services, from consultation to cleanup, and guarantee our citizens can continue enjoying wildlife without the negative consequences of infestations.

Bat Removal in Augusta GA

bat removal services in Augusta GAbat removal in Augusta GA

Georgia P.A.W.S offers wildlife control services in Augusta, which includes a comprehensive inspection of your house to identify the bat entry and roosting points. We will then proceed to seal all possible entry points, such as vents and the construction gap, using our expert techniques. A bat valve or bat curtain will be hung at the entry point to allow the bats to leave without returning. If you need bat removal services in Augusta GA, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

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Flying Squirrel Trapping and Removal in Augusta GA

flying squirrel removal in Augusta gaflying squirrel services in Augusta ga
DIt is interesting to note that the teeth of flying squirrels, just like regular squirrels, continuously grow and must be filed down through gnawing. However, these creatures can cause significant damage to our homes and other structures by chewing on electrical wiring, damaging the structure, and contaminating insulation with their droppings. If you are a resident of Augusta GA and require trapping services for flying squirrels, please contact us.

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Raccoon Trapping and Raccoon Removal in Augusta GA

raccoon trapping in Augusta garaccoon trapping in Augusta ga

If you notice any signs of raccoons invading your home or hear noises coming from your walls or attic during the morning or evening, it’s important to seek professional help from Georgia P.A.W.S. Our team of experts specializes in effectively eliminating wildlife infestations. Using proven techniques, we can identify the root of the problem, trap and remove the raccoons, and repair any damage to your property, such as covering holes or construction gaps that may be used as entry points by these pesky animals. If you reside in Augusta GA and require raccoon trapping services, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Rat and Rodent Trapping and Removal in Augusta GA

rat trapping in Augusta garats in attic Augusta ga

It’s important to recognize that having rodents in your home or workplace can lead to serious consequences. Not only can rodents spread diseases to your pets and compromise the integrity of your insulation, but in a business setting, it can result in legal liability and costly damages. If you’re an Augusta GA resident dealing with a rat infestation, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for our professional trapping services.

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Squirrel Trapping and Squirrel Removal in Augusta GA

squirrel removal in Augusta gasquirrel trapping in Augusta ga
Upon entering a home, squirrels can cause lots of destruction. They often gnaw on wood, cables and electrical wiring. The gnawing of wiring is perhaps the scariest damage they do. The stripping of the insulation from the wires increases the chances for a short and the risk of fire. In fact, squirrels are responsible for thousands of house fires each year. If you are a resident of Augusta GA and are in need of squirrel trapping and squirrel removal services please contact us.

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Why Choose Georgia PAWS in Augusta GA?

Augusta, GA is famous for holding the annual golf tournament, the Masters Tournament. For visitors and residents alike, there are many options for shopping and dining. As Georgia’s second oldest city, there are many historical sites and artisan shops to visit. After a long day spent around the city, the last thing you want to worry about is wildlife in your home. When this occurs, Georgia PAWS is the one to call. For immediate service, call us to speak to a service representative now. Georgia Pest and Wildlife Specialist is your Augusta wildlife control specialist. We service Augusta from our main Lawrenceville office with technicians across Atlanta and northeast GA. In Augusta Call: 678-313-3781.

Georgia P.A.W.S is dedicated to controlling wildlife in a humane manner and preventing the spread of diseases, as well as safely removing wild animals from residential and commercial properties. The growing population in Georgia is pushing wild animals out of their natural habitats and into areas with a high concentration of humans, often leading to animals taking up residence in structures. This has led to a surge in the demand for nuisance wildlife removal services. Georgia P.A.W.S strives to provide humane wildlife removal services by live trapping and relocating animals to less populated areas where they are better suited for survival. When you are faced with unwanted rodents or wildlife, trust the Augusta wildlife control experts at Georgia P.A.W.S to handle the situation.